Spring arrives with the first flush of snowdrops and blackthorn blossom in the hedges. Robins sing their hearts out in the bare trees, and lambs frolic in the field next to our home.

It can feel like a long winter when the weather is misty and grey, but when the sun bursts through the clouds, what a joy to lift our spirits. Sunsets and sunrises are amazing at this time of year, with dramatic colours over Dartmoor in the distance.

I have been cocooned in my cosy nest, creating with a gentle flow, no pressure to produce too much as the energy has been spread out to family and friends. We cannot constantly be productive. I find the winter allows a sense of slowing down to recover our equilibrium before the sap rises and a sense of anticipation arrives. New potential and a sense of preparation begin to grow.

I love the sea, and capturing the calm by still waters at Slapton soothes me while collecting storm-strewn seaweeds and shells discarded on the high shoreline. The shingle slows my steps to pause and see the myriad of colours in the shingle. Outside, I feel the air blow my hair as I view the distant, deserted beach stretching out to Start Point.

Moments of peace in a busy life enrich us, nourish us and allow us to dream of future possibilities. Ideas flit through my mind with the gentle swish in and out of the waves.

My next Spring Creative Coaching Group is on Saturday 16th March from 10-3.30. Join me for space to deeply relax, gently flow into possibilities, create with natural materials or paint freely without pressure. Guided Meditation, Life Coaching, comfort and connection.

Comments from the Winter Group Guests January 2024

“I have a sense of strengthened self-worth and focus”.

“I feel my creative juices flowing again”.

“A nourishing and encouraging day to reflect and relax”.

“An inspiring space to think clearly, set goals and de-stress”.

“I felt supported by the group to trust I am going in the right direction”.

Book now before 1st March for £60. After this, it reverts to £70

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