A Journey Home to your Heart – Spring


One of four Seasonal Creative Coaching Groups

16th March 2024 – Spring

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Four Seasonal Creative Coaching Groups

16th March 2024 – Spring

Are you ready to renew, relieve and refresh yourself? To feel joy and a sense of freedom?

Is it a new dawn or a beautiful sunset you see? either is a beautiful view. Over the years I have gathered a collection of creative approaches, inspiring topics, natural resources and experiences to share with you aligned naturally to the four seasons and the Celtic calendar.

A group, followed by a space for you to continue your journey at home, returning to share and celebrate the following season, in a flow of connection.


  • a light lunch and refreshments.
  • Art materials such as pens, paints, glue

During the course there will be projects to recycle old items into a treasure.

I will provide a large A3 sheet of paper for each session for a vision board per season.

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