Creativity lifted me to take flight time and time again. I remember during times of intense learning when revising for exams, dissertations, times of transition like becoming a mother or loss I found myself creating to find peace amongst the pressure.

Creativity somehow holds us safe, gives us a break, opens a window away from our world, where we can bathe in a free-flowing process with no structure, no expectations, our unique view, or process to explore. Something ineffable, a hidden resource inside us that once tapped into serves as a reminder linked to such high energy stages in our lives. Somehow every time I felt tense, pressure, in a new demanding situation I found my way to tap into creativity.

It was my first option problem solver, my way to calm myself, my personal pressure valve to release the rush, the tornados, whirl winds, the eruption’s or stagnancy into a vast open lake, ocean, or sky of potential through my creativity. To feel like a bird flying above the world, viewing the panorama, higher than I could within my human body. Transcending and evaporating the hail, thunder and lightning to blue, warm gentle thermals, gliding silently to feel part of the sky.

This process goes hand in hand, with mindfulness moving into meditation for me, which is now a daily habit formed over many years. Meditation is part of my creativity, a stillness and release, a trust in the process to allow inspiration to flow, to grow, to transform my reality, my view to an open, expanded universal experience. Where I am part of something beyond myself, united, within and without. Expansion comes from peace, stillness, practice, emptying to void the conditioning, the expectations, spring cleaning the mind to feel fresh, clear, vast, spacious, with a sense of peace, unity, joy, belonging yet part of the universe.

Practically we decide to take ourselves apart from the present. We take a blank page, we create a space for time to be gently focussed, we release control to dabble and play, escaping the net of expectations. We step outside the cage, literally in a small way to an empty space. We may choose ballet shoes or walking boots, to move in the world differently to create the change to our senses. Or chose to capture ideas with a beautiful pen. Images from our own camera of life painting on paper. Our senses leading the inspiration to creativity.

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