Spring energy

Spring energy lifts us to a daring, expansive, evolutionary state after a period of rest, quiet and hibernation.   I remember needing this energy when I was a teenager. To come alive. Something sparked the firework.  It took a prod, maybe a question, or an invitation. Reading about someone else’s life. I took a leap of faith, ignored my intuition and went on a very spontaneous journey when I was nineteen, determined to fly free in a wild goose chase. Invigorated, I sought a purpose after spells of confusion.  This spark reappears from time to time.  Over the years, I learned how to harness it safely, calming my wild sea horses, to ride the wave of energy instead of stirring up a storm.


Impetuosity travelled alongside me, overreacting, personalising and catastrophizing. I unconsciously fell into unhelpful thinking patterns I had seen enacted in other lives within films, soap operas and the lyrics of music.  I travelled to a new life with episodes of desperate times that shook my confidence.  All these formed a story I had created in my mind of romance and adventure.  This reality was not the life I knew or dreamed of.  A disappointment that felt like a disaster.  Tipping me into an unknown world of others’ incendiary comments and retaliation as my emotional security diminished. Extinguishing my hopes for love.   Burning, destroying and creating wreckage. It was not on a stage or a film set. It was no longer hopeful or joyful.


Stepping out takes courage. Discord is part of discovering who you really are, enabling you to know what suits you. You may be hurt or hurt others, testing their loyalty to stay by your side.  Sometimes the situation is too hard to linger.  You break away to freedom or rebellion. Stamping your feet, waving your arms in disregard, holding a banner for freedom and justice.  The energy of the firework can set off a revolution beyond the individual.  An opening of minds, a change in society towards a freer, wiser world.  Released, to be seen and heard.

As we travel through the years, we feel the power of our energy:  how we use it, how it is received, and how we affect each other’s energy.  A firework is a creation, like the opening of the universe with stars flying free.  Set off from a safe place. It can create inspiration in your mind. A glimmer can fuel a fire. It takes a while to reach the moon.

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