We arrive at a time in life when it is helpful to take the birds eye view: to gather our memories, experiences and loves into a recognisable timeline. A creative expression of the elemental parts that make us who we are. I invite you to tap into my four seasonal creative coaching groups to observe, understand and restore your equilibrium. Through memoir, poetry, vision boards encapsulating the unique choices and inspiration you have had in your life. No need to be an artist or writer, this is for anyone interested in feeling balanced and refreshed.

A Journey Home to your Heart

Four Seasonal Creative Coaching Groups

Are you ready to renew, relieve and refresh yourself? To feel joy and a sense of freedom?

Is it a new dawn or a beautiful sunset you see? either is a beautiful view. Over the years I have gathered a collection of creative approaches, inspiring topics, natural resources and experiences to share with you aligned naturally to the four seasons and the Celtic calendar.

A group, followed by a space for you to continue your journey at home, returning to share and celebrate the following season, in a flow of connection.

14th October 2023 – Autumn

13th January 2024 – Winter

16th March 2024 – Spring

8th June 2024 – Summer

We live in spirals, following the natural seasons, the ebbs and flow. Around the world, waking, sleeping, flying and returning. Finding a ledge, a perch, creating a nest, an egg or even a flower bed to root ourselves securely and bloom.

Come fly with me, spread your wings,release yourself to fly to new views.

To rediscover your calm and confident stride, gently, and safely with a helping hand.

To create your map to begin a new year, wherever you feel the glimmer of an idea.

Or maybe you need some inspiration to find your sense of freedom and fun? Where have you gone?

Space is the first essential ingredient to brew, mull and be still. To find the fire to act, to jump into a new chapter or start a new journey. We will gather the twigs, to hold the dream, it will evolve unseen, quietly with growing confidence and joy.

Let your story become your inspiration as you enjoy starting to dabble freely, without expectations or criticism.

We rarely take time to play around with how we think, feel and sense in this busy world.

I will create a space for you to stop and allow yourself to emerge. To see more with your eyes, your heart and you ears. It may just open the door to freedom and joy.

Details + Booking

All Four Seasons Creative Coaching Groups £240 – BOOK HERE

Individual booking: £70 per session – AUTUMNWINTERSPRINGSUMMER 



– light lunch and refreshments.
– art materials such as pens, paints, glue.


During the course there will be projects to recycle old items into a treasure.

I will provide a large A3 sheet of paper for each session for a vision board per season.

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